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A suburban neighborhood sidewalk and street with colorful trees during autumn

Changing seasons in Sheridan, CA highlights one of the most important tasks all homeowners need to consider: caring for their trees. Proper fall tree care helps homeowners keep their trees healthy in the long term. When you trim the trees, remove dead trees, and add suitable soil for this northern California climate, your trees will be able to adapt to seasonal changes more quickly. Here are some tasks you should have done every year.


When the colder weather begins to hit the Sheridan, CA area, you’ll want to ensure your trees are fully prepared to endure the winter and start growing in the spring. It is important to trim your trees to maintain their health.

Our company will come to your property and properly trim the trees to keep them strong and looking beautiful. We know which branches need to be removed so that the tree can devote its energy to newer, healthier growth. Removing dead branches is also important, as these can pose a hazard to you and your property.

Brace Weak Trees

High winds are common during the fall in Sheridan, CA. Winds can damage many parts of your trees. This includes the tree’s branches, root system, and trunk. That’s why you’ll want to ensure your trees can withstand a powerful gust or a prolonged high-wind storm. In addition, bracing or cabling your trees helps to direct the growth of the tree.

Remove Dead Trees

Well-cared-for trees can last several decades or even longer, but they don’t last forever. Fall is a suitable time to remove any of your trees that are no longer alive. Removing dead trees during the fall has many benefits, including providing more room on your property to plant healthy trees. This process also removes trees that may pose hazards to your property like pest infestation or fungal growth. Further, dead trees are a fire hazard.

Plant New Trees

The fall season is a suitable time to plant new trees. The milder weather allows homeowners to plant trees that can establish a good root system easily. Digging a hole of the right diameter and providing the best soil conditions also means the tree has enough room to spread out into the soil. That gives them the start they need to do well during the winter and then burst into growth in the spring.

Caring for your trees this fall is essential. If you need help with your fall tree care needs, it’s time to contact our workers at All Green Tree Service.

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