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Old tree stump on a background of green grass in a summer park

When you have trees removed, the stumps are often left behind, unless you make arrangements to have them ground down. At All Green Tree Service, we often recommend this service because old tree stumps can be unattractive, inconvenient, and hazardous. In Sheridan, many of our properties have beautiful landscaping and a mixture of deciduous and evergreens, and we want to keep these properties looking their best. Here are five reasons to get rid of those stumps right away.

1. Detracts From the Yard’s Appearance

Tree stumps are not typically very attractive, and they can break up the flow of a yard. An old stump can be an eyesore when it’s in the middle of a beautiful green lawn or a woody property. When the stump has been removed, the aesthetics of your yard can greatly improve.

2. Gets in the Way

When you’re mowing the lawn, it can be so helpful to have straight lines to follow. When there are tree stumps in your way, it can be added time to your usual yard work routine because you’ll have to mow or work around them. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, stumps can be tripping hazards. When you’re stretching your legs in your yard, you don’t want to run into a stump inadvertently. When children are playing soccer or a game of tag outside, you definitely don’t want them tripping over a stump.

3. Can Host Pests and Fungi

Tree stumps might not seem attractive to us, but they can be ideal places for insects and fungi to hang out. Termites and carpenter ants, in addition to certain kinds of beetles, may be drawn to the tree stump. The same is true for fungi. You don’t want any of these organisms taking over your yard, and in the case of insects, they could start to invade your home if the stump is close enough. Further, fungi can be toxic, posing an issue for pets and small children.

4. Could Still Have Diseases

We’re often called out to places in Sheridan so that we can remove diseased trees. If a stump is left intact, it may still harbor that disease, which could potentially spread to nearby bushes and trees. To play it safe, consider enlisting our stump grinding services as well.

5. Can Sprout Unwanted Growth

You might be surprised that a stump can sprout a baby tree. While you can certainly cut down that sprout, it may grow back, and others may follow. While we can all agree that it’s pretty amazing that trees can be so robust, these baby trees aren’t always wanted. If a stump remains on your property, these sprouts can be inconvenient to deal with.

There are many benefits of stump grinding. We’d be happy to help you enhance the look of your yard by taking care of this task. Call for an appointment.

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