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The residents of Yuba City are glad to know that when they are concerned about the health of a tree or safety issues due to a tree leaning over their home, All Green Tree Service is ready to provide professional and affordable solutions. As a family-owned and locally-operated business, this father and son team understands the need for quality tree service at reasonable prices. Call 530-788-2026 for a free price quote for any tree service or removal at your Yuba City home or commercial property.

All Green is proud to support our community! Hopefully we’ll see you at some of South Lake Tahoe City’s events soon or cruising around River Front Park!

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Affordable Tree Removal

Having a mature tree removed can be a costly and potentially hazardous event unless you hire a well-qualified team of experts for the project. Our owners at All Green Tree Service have been in the tree business for over 30 years. That experience and expertise allow them to safely remove diseased, damaged, or severely leaning trees without causing any damage to your home or property. Our focus is always on the safety of our team and the surrounding structures and landscape to ensure that every tree removal, no matter the location, is a complete success. Call 530-788-2026 for a free price quote for any tree removal project.

Expert Tree Trimming And Pruning

The care a young tree receives will literally shape its future. Professional trimming and pruning will set a tree on the right path to mature into a stable and robust focal point on your property. However, without this care, the tree is likely to develop into a misshapen and unsafe tree that requires costly trimming and care or premature removal to prevent a safety issue. Call 530-788-2026 for a free price quote from the All Green Tree Service experts to trim your trees. It is a wise investment in their future and the value of your property.

Storm Preparation And Cleanup In South Lake Tahoe City

Professional storm preparation for your trees involves thinning the canopy to allow strong wind to pass through the tree without causing damage. Removing damage growth and deadwood is also vital to prevent debris from falling during the storm and damaging your property. If you did not have your trees thinned before a storm and face significant damage and debris on your property, our team is also ready to remove the damage and debris. Correctively removing damaged branches from the trees will prevent further harm to the trees. And removing the debris eliminates the places for rodents, snakes, and other creatures to hide or nest. Call 530-788-2026 for a free price quote from the tree care experts at All Green Tree Service.

Complete Commercial Tree Services

As a commercial property owner or manager in South Lake Tahoe City, you must understand the added value of professional care and tree removal. Proper trimming increases tree health, decreases the potential for safety hazards, and increases the value of the trees and your entire property. And when it is time to have an old or diseased tree removed, hiring the right professional for the job eliminates your stress and worry about an accident or property damage during the process. Call 530-788-2026 for a free price quote from the commercial tree care experts at All Green Tree Service.

Professional Stump Grinding

Powerful stump grinding equipment in the skilled hands of the All Green Tree Service professionals makes the process look simple. However, in the hands of a less experienced person, the job can quickly turn into a disaster. For decades, our team has worked and perfected our craft to remove massive trees and their unsightly and hazardous stumps safely. When you call 530-788-2026, we will happily provide you with the best price in the South Lake Tahoe City area for professional stump removal and cleanup. It is a small investment to prevent attracting termites, ants, and rodents to the rotting base of a removed tree.