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While winters in Sheridan, CA are not as bad as in other parts of the country, temperatures still drop into the 30s, making this the harshest season for your trees and plants. Caring for your trees during winter is as important as caring for them during the warmer months. Winter tree care consists of basic steps that you should perform before, during, and after the season. The year-round services of our arborists at All Green Tree Service are available to help you maintain healthy trees.


During winter in Sheridan, trees become dormant and less active. This is a good time to prune the dead or weakened branches and leaves. Pruning allows for increased growth of newer, healthier parts of the tree. Also, pruning helps protect your property from falling branches.


Freezing occurs nearly every day during some winters. If there is a repetitive cycle of freezing and thawing, your trees can experience various issues. This cycle can cause tree roots to be exposed, and younger trees may even become uprooted. You can prevent these issues by wrapping the trunk in a plastic tree guard. Burlap wraps can also be used to cover newly planted evergreen trees.


Mulching retains moisture in the soil, which prevents the depletion of nutrients from your trees. Trees that remain moisturized are healthier and more likely to survive after the cold season ends. Mulch can also hold in warmth around the base of the trees, which could help protect the root system.


It can be hard to know when your tree is in need of extra care, but an inspection is recommended for a tree that looks severely ill or injured. A do-it-yourself inspection allows you to look for and identify damages on the tree’s surface. Noticing signs of disease, such as wood decay, leaf discoloration, or dead branches, early can give you a chance to have them addressed before they turn into issues that could cause your tree to die. It’s a good idea to perform an inspection before and after the winter season.

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Scheduling regular professional tree care prolongs the life of your trees. A tree care professional can trim and prune your trees, apply mulch, and offer recommendations to help your trees stay strong and healthy throughout the winter. Having a professional care for your trees also gives them a chance to identify problems such as diseases that may need to be addressed.

Winter tree care does not end after winter begins. Cold weather destroys plants and trees that are not protected from the freezing temperatures, wind, and snow. At All Green Tree Service, we can help you care for your trees throughout the winter and all year long. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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