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First impressions are important, and this is true with the appearance of the front of your home. It’s called curb appeal and depends on the upkeep of the building as well as the landscaping of the grounds. Attractive landscaping may increase the value of your home by up to 30%, and this includes trees. Located in Sheridan, CA and serving homes and businesses between Sacramento and Chico, All Green Tree Service keeps your trees healthy and beautiful.

Home Improvement Includes Yard Improvement

If you are thinking of selling your home and are hoping for a good price, upgrading the kitchen and adding an extra room may be the first things you think of. But if your yard has trees, they can either add value or be a hindrance. Large trees are a big asset in most yards, but they need regular and proper care by a professional tree technician to maintain their health and beauty. Poorly maintained trees may reduce the resale value of your home.

Professional tree technicians who know the winter weather conditions between Sacramento and Chico can also clear your yard of debris that may gather during the winter. We also examine the trees to make sure no soft or weak branches developed over the winter.

Why Is Tree Pruning Important?

Properly pruning trees can help them avoid disease and can help them grow in the right direction. Branches may hang over your house and be a highway for unwanted rodents and insects to enter. Deadwood can be dangerous if it falls on a person or pet, and it is not always obvious. The rot can be hidden, and we can find it. Even if you have an old, giant tree that you love, it’s not wise to have branches touching your roof. Along with maintaining the tree’s safe structure, pruning also makes the tree more balanced and attractive.

What Is Poor Tree Maintenance?

Poor tree maintenance that may reduce the value of your home is basically no tree maintenance at all. Dead or dying trees, too many trees in a small area or too near the house, and branches hanging over power lines are a few signs your trees need help. Well-kept lawns and beautiful flower beds are not enough to increase the value of your home if your trees are a disaster waiting to happen. For good curb appeal, consider your neighbor’s yards. You want your yard to harmonize with your neighbors if they have had professional landscaping.

Whether you want to plant new trees and need professional advice on what type to choose for Northern California and where to put them in your yard, or if you have some giant old friends that need some attention, we can help. The trees around your home are one of your biggest assets, so give them the care and attention that will keep them in top shape. Call us at All Green Tree Service today!

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