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Professional gardener pruning a tree

An arborist is a trained professional who specializes in tree health and safety. They are typically employed by tree service providers like All Green Tree Service and spend their days helping property owners care for their trees using the latest techniques and practices. The job of an arborist is more interesting than you might think. Here are some fun facts about arborists that everyone should know.

Arborists Know How to Interpret Tree Language

Over the years, arborists have discovered a multitude of ways that trees communicate and have learned to interpret many of their behaviors. For example, a tree that is under attack from an insect infestation can send a signal to other trees in the area that will cause them to shed their leaves or fold them to protect themselves from attack. Carefully interpreting what the tree is trying to say helps arborists protect them and help them thrive.

Arborists Are Effective Tree Doctors

The trees native to Sheridan, CA can fall victim to a host of diseases that thrive in the temperate Northern California climate. Arborists are trained to look for the symptoms of these diseases, diagnose the issue, and provide the proper remedy. In many cases, a carefully applied specialty treatment can cure the disease, but other cases may require limb amputation to save the tree.

Arborists Are Trained in Aesthetic Design

Another thing that you might not know about arborists is that they are trained to help your trees become as beautiful as possible. In addition to providing the tree with proper nutrition and adequate water for strong limbs and plentiful leaves, they also know how to trim the tree to get the best shape from the branches and showcase the tree’s best features. If you want your trees to look their best, hire an arborist.

Arborists Can Add Value to Your Property

Hiring an arborist is also good for boosting the value of your property. They can tell you where new trees should be placed to keep your home cooler in the summer or block winter drafts. They can identify which trees will thrive in the type of soil available on your property and which will struggle, costing you time and money. They can also point out areas where trees should be removed because they cause a danger to people, property, or electrical equipment.


Arborists are highly trained in all aspects of tree care and are the best professionals to assist residential and commercial property owners in keeping their trees healthy. The tree care professionals with All Green Tree Service have been servicing trees in the Northern California region for more than 30 years and have experience caring for a wide variety of trees and shrubs. If your trees need some professional attention, call us for a consultation today!

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