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Overgrown trees can lend a romantic look to your Sheridan, CA home or make it look like it belongs on a film set. Those large limbs increase the risk that your home may suffer damage and can lead to accidents. At All Green Tree Services, we want to make sure that you know the four top reasons to trim and prune those trees before you call us for help.

1. Save Dying Trees

Though large trees provide some shade and keep the wind away from your home, their overgrown branches can lead to the plants dying sooner than they should. The problem is that those limbs leave the trees susceptible to damage caused by wild animals. Sheridan is home to many squirrels and other small animals and birds. Those animals build nests and take from the tree. Pruning your old trees can save them from those animals and can help them live longer.

2. Improve Safety

Whether you have a tree growing close to or away from your house, regular trimming of the tree will improve the overall safety of your home and loved ones. Both visitors and people who live with you can easily see as they walk around the yard and won’t trip and fall over objects hidden by the tree’s shade. You’ll also find that pruning reduces the risk of the tree collapsing and landing on your roof or car.

3. Increase Fruit Production

Both avocado and citrus trees are plentiful in California. You probably like heading outside to grab some fresh lemons or avocados as you cook. Older trees do not produce as much fruit as younger ones do. Regular pruning is a good way to encourage your trees to produce more fruit than they usually do. It’s often helpful to prune your fruit trees in the early spring and then again near the end of summer.

4. Keep Trees Healthy

The warm climate in Sheridan makes it a good habitat for certain types of trees, including sycamore and Oregon ash trees. You may have a few California black walnut trees that produce black walnuts too. One reason we recommend regular trimming is that it keeps all of your trees healthy. Pruning reduces the risk of the trees catching diseases from neighboring trees and allows you to look for signs of age or damage that you can fix. Trimming and pruning is suitable for all of the native trees found in California.

Do you have one or more trees in your Sheridan yard with branches that hang low to the ground or sections that grow close to your home? You don’t need to worry about those trees dying or causing damage when you prune them. Call All Green Tree Services today to see how quickly we can trim and prune those trees.

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