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Located between Tahoe National Forest and Mendocino National Forest, Sheridan lies just north of Sacramento, which is known as the “City of Trees.” People in this area of California know that trees enhance the appearance of a home and provide fresh air. When you bought your home, you may have marveled at the trees in your new yard. However, at some point, the awe will disappear and even turn to frustration when dead branches and roots start to cause problems for you. When you know it’s time to trim or remove a tree, you have a lot of services available to you. Ask these four questions when hiring a tree trimming service in Sheridan.

How Long Have You Worked in Northern California?

Northern California is a unique ecosystem. You want to hire a tree service familiar with the trees in the area and how to minimize disruption to other plants and wildlife in the area.

It’s not enough for the service to have experience in Northern California; it’s also important that they are experienced with Sheridan specifically. Different municipalities have different regulations regarding tree services and waste disposal. You need your tree service to be up to date with the laws in the area.

1. What Methods Do You Recommend?

There are a number of ways to cut branches, remove trees, grind down stumps, and manage tree roots. Ask your tree service about their preferred methods for your situation to ensure their methods correspond with your values. For example, people who prefer to avoid harsh chemicals may prefer a company that uses all-natural solutions. Someone with a frustrating problem may prioritize speed and effectiveness over eco-friendly procedures.

2. How Much Insurance Do You Have?

Trees can cause significant damage if not removed properly. Luckily, your tree service has commercial liability insurance to cover any damage they cause on the job. However, they are only insured up to a certain amount. If you live in a wealthy neighborhood where minor damage adds up quickly, you may want a company with more than the legally required insurance.

3. Can I Get a Quote?

Ultimately, cost will impact your decision. Get a detailed quote and shop around. When shopping around, compare value as opposed to actual cost. Inexpensive doesn’t always mean better. In fact, it may mean cheap services with no guarantee.

4. When Can You Start Work?

If you have a tree emergency (and they do exist), you will need a tree service in Sheridan, CA that can address the situation quickly. All Green Tree Service offers a wide range of arbor-related services, including:

  • Stump grinding
  • Tree removal
  • Trimming
  • Storm preparation

Contact All Green Tree Services at (530) 309-1126 today to get a quote and get rid of that pesky tree in your yard once and for all.

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