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Christmas crib under the Christmas tree

The Christmas and New Year holiday season is a time of cheer and celebration. Many folks in Sheridan, California and nearby communities decorate their yards, home exteriors, and indoors as part of the festivities. People who celebrate Christmas often include Nativity scenes in their decorations, displaying the scene of the Christ child in a humble manger.

Traditional Nativity scenes display baby Jesus in a rustic cradle with his parents, Mary and Joseph. Including farm animals and hay gives a realistic feel to the display. Many creche scenes feature the three wise men, angels, shepherds, and the star of Bethlehem, the guiding light that drew the wise men to the manger.

There are several ways you can make your Christmas tree part of a Nativity scene using the sights and scents of nature to create a beautiful, joyous display. If you have a pine, fir, or another type of conifer tree in your yard, you can incorporate a Nativity scene into your outdoor Christmas decorations. You can also create an indoor display around a traditional Christmas tree.

Outdoor Nativity Scenes

An outdoor display can make use of the available space and vegetation in your yard. Place it where it will be visible but not block foot traffic. Setting the display under a pine tree emphasizes the spirit of the season. If you do not have a conifer in your yard, setting it up under any tree creates an attractive atmosphere. Decorate the tree with lights, traditional tree decorations suitable for outdoors, or other decorations that reflect the style and meaning of your display. The scale can be large or small but should complement the space chosen for the display. Small displays suggest an intimate scene, snuggled under a tree or in a garden niche. Large displays work well on a front lawn so that they are visible to passersby.

The figures and other components of the display can be made of any durable material that will withstand the weather. Cardboard, wood, ceramic, foam board, stone, and metal are popular choices. You can purchase pieces, make them yourself or combine home-crafted elements with purchased components. Making pieces can be an engaging project for your family. Add outdoor LED lights around or in the scene to make it visible at night.

Indoor Creche Displays

Indoor displays can be placed under the tree or on a table or on the floor near a tree. Many materials are suitable for indoor displays, including fabric, recycled cardboard, paper, and gold foil. Indoor manger scenes are usually smaller in scale than outdoor displays. However, if your tree is in a large space, you can adjust the size of the manger scene so that it is appropriately scaled to the tree or the room.

Many people adapt manger scenes to complement their décor, lifestyle, and tree decorations. Shadowboxes highlight figures using a backlight. Colorful tin folk art figures, hand-cut colored glass stylized figures, and handmade stone figurines work well with modern and minimalist décor. For a traditional look, go with lifelike figures with painted features. Materials include wood, resin, porcelain, fabric, and papier-mâché.

The staff at All Green Tree Services can help you create an outdoor Christmas display. Our tree care services include commercial and residential tree trimming and pruning. We can help keep your trees healthy and attractive for your Christmas display and throughout the year. Call today for a free estimate.

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