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Lincoln Tree Service

Living in Northern California, residents of Lincoln are fortunate to have beautiful trees to enhance and shade their homes and commercial properties. However, with these gifts from Mother Nature comes the responsibility for their care. Thankfully, the community has help with this task from the tree service experts at All Green Tree Service. With over 30 years in the tree industry, the owners of this father and son locally-owned and operated business deliver the highest quality trimming, pruning, and tree removal at both residential and commercial properties for a very reasonable price. Call 530-788-2026 for a free price quote for any professional tree services.

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Safe Tree Removal In Lincoln

Removing a large tree can be very challenging unless you have the hands-on experience and expertise of the All Green Tree Service team handling the job. This family has been earning a living for two generations removing trees safely, even from the most hazardous and difficult locations. Trees that are diseased, declining in health, or damaged pose added risk to the tree climbers, ground crew, and nearby property. However, the All Green Tree Service expert’s primary focus is always the safety of everyone and everything near the tree they are removing. Call 530-788-2026 for your professional yet affordable tree removal price quote.

Complete Tree Trimming And Pruning Service

Professional tree trimming and pruning provide the added structural support and increased health that young trees need to thrive and grow into valuable and beautiful mature trees. In addition to adding to the value of your property, well-cared-for trees require less trimming as they mature and are less prone to storm damage and corrective pruning needs. So your small investment in professional care early will provide a financial reward for the life of the tree. Call 530-788-2026 for a free price quote from the All Green Tree Service experts to keep your trees healthy and structurally strong for a lifetime.

Affordable Lincoln Storm Preparation And Cleanup

Many property owners in Lincoln are unaware that investing in storm preparation and preventative pruning and trimming is the best way to protect their mature trees. Thinning the dense growth inside the canopy is the only way to ensure that strong wind can pass through the tree without becoming destructive. The team at All Green Tree Service is ready to get your trees prepared to withstand the storms and thrive in the coming months.

If you are facing a property that has already endured storm damage, our staff is ready to trim away damaged growth and work to correct any damage and imbalance in the trees until they can reestablish new growth. In addition, we provide cleanup and haul away service for any tree and shrub debris. Call 530-788-2026 for a free price quote for these essential services.

Reliable Commercial Tree Services

Investing in your commercial property’s trees, the largest asset in your landscape is a wise choice to increase the property’s visual appeal, its safety, and the longevity of your trees. The experts at All Green Tree Service have decades of experience in the tree business caring for commercial properties with everything from massive established trees to new installs that need professional care to develop proper structure and strength for the future. Call 530-788-2026 for a free price quote for any commercial tree services at your commercial Lincoln property.

Expert Stump Grinding

The All Green Tree Service team uses professional-grade stump grinding equipment to remove any size tree stump below soil level to eliminate the eyesore and safety hazard. While our team makes it look like an easy job, it requires skill and experience to safely remove the stump and roots without severely damaging your property. Call 530-788-2026 for a very affordable estimate for professional stump grinding at your home or commercial property.