4 Slow-Growing Trees Ideal for Your California Home

Single family homes along concrete footpath in California tree lined residential sub division

Some trees grow fairly quickly, which can be appealing. On the other side of things, slower-growing trees can be equally beneficial for your Sheridan, CA home. For one thing, your landscape won’t be overwhelmed. Slower-growing trees also tend to be easier to maintain, and some species falling into this category have longer average lifespans and […]

4 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tree Trimming Service in Sheridan

forestry worker at work

Located between Tahoe National Forest and Mendocino National Forest, Sheridan lies just north of Sacramento, which is known as the “City of Trees.” People in this area of California know that trees enhance the appearance of a home and provide fresh air. When you bought your home, you may have marveled at the trees in […]

4 Tree Care Tips You Should Not Ignore

Planting trees on your property can be beneficial in many ways. They protect your home from strong winds and provide privacy. However, trees need adequate care to keep them healthy. Here are four tree care tips you shouldn’t ignore. 1. Determine the Purpose of the Tree The first step towards proper tree care is to […]

4 Reasons to Trim Your Trees

Overgrown trees can lend a romantic look to your Sheridan, CA home or make it look like it belongs on a film set. Those large limbs increase the risk that your home may suffer damage and can lead to accidents. At All Green Tree Services, we want to make sure that you know the four […]

6 Stump Grinding Benefits

We’re sure you’ll agree that tree stumps detract from your home’s landscape. If you stay active in your yard, the unsightly stumps can pose a danger. The good news is that stump grinding is an affordable service that will take care of the problem. Let us step in with our tools so that we can […]

How to Increase the Curb Appeal and Value of Your Home

First impressions are important, and this is true with the appearance of the front of your home. It’s called curb appeal and depends on the upkeep of the building as well as the landscaping of the grounds. Attractive landscaping may increase the value of your home by up to 30%, and this includes trees. Located […]